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Find out about the Energy Solutions for a Groveport Citizen! Who Died...

Consider the story of a man in Groveport Ohio... Did he discover a way to use fuel for the future? Find out about the story...

Check out the information in these videos, a friend of mine knew the inventor here in Ohio! We spent several days enjoying coffee at the local Mc Donalds in the home town of the inventor of the HHO fuel cell, a High School graduate with over 40 patents... Go figure?... Investigate the Blog!

Preview this:

Now, we must be informed and be careful for our souls...the powers at be have no law...Only their interests!!! Be Blessed stay informed and research your own efforts... my friend ran the dun buggie with pond water himself with Stan.... we are not the owners of our own country...Only tax the powers at be... JFK paid a price for our Freedom!!! Be Informed!!! Be Blessed... Peace!!!

The Underground - A Hidden Reality and The True Story! -

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Comment by - My.City! on October 21, 2009 at 9:11am
Here is a Great Forum for Stan Meyers site:
Be careful not to use the "Lone Gunman" link because the link has a page with a virus. It has been notified to the site administrator but caution should be used until fix properly. At any course, do Not download the virus protection offer on the page Only Close the Tab completely and only close the popups! Popups don't do anything but open another window,... So Close the Total Page by Closing the Tab of the Page! Good Site Otherwise!

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