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Awesome Souls serving God in All His Glory! Each one doing their part to lift up the amazing story of God in our lives. To Him be all the glory & power to be honored! Remember "Joy to the world!" a Christmas song we all celebrate together in His seasons of Blessings!


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Comment by - My.City! on December 3, 2020 at 6:36pm



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Comment by CanalWinchesterOH43110@ Availane on March 21, 2010 at 1:33am
Nothing compares to the Love & Forgiveness of Our Lord, He knows All Things, ask Him & He Will Answer...YOU! If I were to See Him Today, this Moment, I could only say, Love You & Forgive me for not Doing More in Him & by Him for Your Glory... our Lord Christ Jesus! Ride.On! Forever Young! Be.Blessed & Peace.On!
Comment by CanalWinchesterOH43110@ Availane on March 21, 2010 at 12:54am
Our younger son & daughter, Joshua & Amber, are growing up under the umbrella of our church here in Columbus, Ohio and God is Blessing us Greatly! Above as I point the Way with Karl (Lead Guitarist/Co-founder of the ApologetiX's - the music of the vid) and Our son Jason working to Point the Way! Together! are the Awesome moments in Time! Join the Family of God, Trust Him, Love Him & Give Him Your Heart & Life for He Will Not Disappoint! He Loves You! Visit: and receive His Word for You!!! Discoveries of the Bible with our friends Jerry & his wife Rose, whom I personally took to Sequoia National Park to see the giant sequoia's, share the amazing findings of God allowed me to receive a piece of Noah's Ark and a sulfer ball from the dead sea areas, believed to be from Sodom & Gemorah's area! I know what God did for me & mine! What is He doing for You & Yours, I can only Imagine!!!

Comment by CanalWinchesterOH43110@ Availane on March 21, 2010 at 12:19am
My son, Jason, is at count 4:52 on the right side receiving the Blessing of Impartation in the Word of God! My dream for our family before our God in Heaven! Thank You Lord...continue Your Work through Us!!! And at count 8:21 claping in Faith! I remember Pastoring a little church in Kettleman City, California when a little B&W tv had TBN on and I asked the Lord if he would allow Pastor Paul Crouch to Baptise my son and years later he did, and I remember receiving the Lord as our Saviour at a Wednesday service on Crenshaw blvd in L.A. at a Pastors service by the name of Fred Price. We were so young, my girlfriend MaryAnn pregnant with our son Jason in her womb, the man in the vid above, at our first prayer meeting that changed our lives forever when we ask Christ Jesus into our hearts & lives. We began this journey that took us from the streets of Crenshaw to the campgrounds of Kelly's Beach in Reedley, CA. to Bible College at West Coast Bible College in Fresno, CA. to Pastor a Church in Kettleman City, CA. to TBN in Costa Mesa, CA. to Columbus, Ohio in our Destiny in God's Hands...We are Truely Blessed to Trust Our God, Thank You Once Again, "Forever Young" in Our Lord! Amazing what the Lord has Done & Will Do with a Fully Surrendered Heart...Heaven is Home! Welcome Home in Him! Be.Blessed & Peace.On! Visit us at our family site: and so many more stories of how God delivered us into His Hands!!! This is our family's directory site at: Sign In and be a part of our dreams with You!!!
Find me pointing the Way in this vid we made with several of our brothern that made a difference in our lives as we followed the Master in His Way to Him...Be.Blessed!
Comment by CanalWinchesterOH43110@ Availane on March 20, 2010 at 11:36pm
Shop at Woodwind and is a family who brought our son, Jason, to WHBC for an Impartation of the Spirit of God's desire from Generation to Generation... Psalms 33:11 Our work has begun...Amen! & Amen!
Comment by CanalWinchesterOH43110@ Availane on March 20, 2010 at 11:18pm
Jafrum Motorcycle Gear and AccessoriesI hope this continues for Years to Come, may the Lord Be with Us!!!
Comment by CanalWinchesterOH43110@ Availane on March 20, 2010 at 10:39pm
Two friends of ours, at least friends of our son's, at their school at Harvest Prepatory School having fun with the seasons!

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