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Bonnie and Clyde...

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Are you wanting more income? Do you need a retirement system of income? Here it is!

Are you wanting more income? Do you need a retirement system of income? Or are you wondering how to

earn money? Well, with has the …


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Did You Know?

Did You Know? 

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Find out about the Energy Solutions for a Groveport Citizen! Who Died...

Consider the story of a man in Groveport Ohio... Did he discover a way to use fuel for the future? Find out about the story...

Check out the information in these videos, a friend of mine knew the inventor here in Ohio! We spent several days enjoying coffee at the local Mc Donalds in the home town of the inventor of the HHO fuel cell, a High School graduate with over 40 patents... Go figure?... Investigate the Blog!

Preview this:…


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Earn While Advertising On Your Sites! . Earn at Yuwie! Register Here! Earn Income from Advertisors!

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Rascal Flatts & Band! Stop for Breakfest in Canal Winchester, Ohio!

The Band stops for Breakfest at Bob Evens! Our daughter and her best friend sat next to them while breakfest was served. Wonderful times while passing by, just a big Thanks to the Group & the Rascals! Our daughter and friend talk about it all the time, and they are pictured on the main page of our site at:

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ApologetiX.Info - Memorial Day BBQ Party!

Visit our Memorial Day Party at our house in Brice, Ohio near Columbus! That Parody Band the ApologetiX's D.J. music will make the day full of great activities and a fun event! Bring your family and for more details visit: www.ApologetiX.Info - Join the team to bring about great… Continue

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John Wayne's Teeth from Indians! - Smoke Signals!

We found this movie to be great and full of fun moments! It has some cautious moments due to a house fire in the movie, but the movie is designed for the family! The end of the movie has a great talk about fathers!

Be Blessed and Enjoy. - …


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Do You Remember The Who?

Notice the Drumer, Keith Moon, Awesome! What do you remember about The Who! Comment if you saw them or remember an event with them. And visit: This event Keith added to much powder in the explosion!!!

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Scott Floyd w/Elevated the Band - Only God! He can make it right... Faith, Love & Hope!

Thank you for your efforts Scott for the gospel and the Word! Your help with our concert was great! Now, let's reach out to the broken hearted and faithless... Only God!... can make it right. Do you hear God? In this song out of Scott. Give Him your comments!…


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Classic Rock Network! - www.LedZeppelinNow.Info - site.

CRN - Associations  .

Enjoy.It.All... - Classic Rockers Network Associations and www.LedZeppelinNow.Info…


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Join the Team! We Organize Concerts with That Parody Band the ApologetiX!

You can Help Organize a Concert in Columbus, Ohio with the ApologetiX.Info… Continue

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